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BA in Management with Human Resources Management

Course Overview

3 Years

180 ECTS

From €4,000/yr

March, May and October

This course is designed to enhance and upgrade the learners’ general and human resource management knowledge, skills and aptitude by giving them the key inputs in the concerned areas through interactive lectures, case discussions, workshops, roleplays and self-learning exercises. The course is delivered in a student-centered learning approach. The whole course is highly interactive, and it is expected to enrich the students’ knowledge in key managerial areas; sharpen their managerial skills; and enhance their professional competence in today’s highly dynamic business environment.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Gain a firm foundation in general Management which will enable students to become competent in deriving strategic plans, understanding accounting/finance, management, economics, quantitative methods and research.
  • Through theories related to HRM, have an ability to analyze, design, and implement management procedures.
  • Through HRM Procedures and theories, be able to plan, organize plans and directions for employees as individuals and the organization as a whole.
  • Apply psychological and behavioral principles in order to develop and enhance the employees’ and their own:
  • self-limitations and self-awareness
  • communication skills in a group and as individuals
  • different forms of motivation
  • the factors influencing productivity
  • dealing with organizational change
  • dealing with personal stress caused by work
  • leadership skills
  • Design and develop while evaluating procedures to advertise for, select, recruit, train, develop through CPDs, and evaluate performance through appraisals any current or newly joined recruits.
  • Use values, ethics and law in future leadership at the HRM Department.
  • Have a greater appreciation of labour laws, unions, legal rights of employees, complaints, health and safety laws, disability acts and fair employment practice.
  • Appreciate and understand the psychological behavior of groups and individuals together with their connected factors affecting both behaviours when faced with a disciplinary procedure.
  • Undertake employee development in the workplace.
  • Interpret, understand and face factors which affect the labour market and changes.
  • Produce graduates who will be capable of operating in a multi-disciplined environment. Produce graduates who can effectively conduct major studies independently.
  • Practice general management as a profession.

Career Prospects

HR is a key component of any organization’s senior management team. Though the human resources department is widely known for conducting interviews, explaining company benefits, managing employee relations, providing career development advice and helping hiring managers with performance and productivity expectations, the profession has a much larger role in business today. Hence students who complete the BA in Management with HRM can aspire to work as talent specialists, training and development executives, employee performance managers, HR administrators and HR managers amongst many other vacancies in the HR department that may arise.

Awarding Body

Global College Malta

Global College Malta is a European accredited Higher Educational Institution. All courses awarded by Global College Malta are European accredited and are validated by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority – MFHEA Malta


3 Years

EQF/ MQF Level

6 – (European/ Malta Qualifications Framework)


To be awarded the BA in Management with Human Resources Management, students are required to achieve 180 ECTS, successfully completing all the modules



Module Code

Module Title


BAM 101

Foundations of Management


BAM 102



BAM 103

Accountancy and Finance


BAM 104

Quantitative Methods and Research


BAM 201

Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management


BAM 202

Employee Development and Resources


BAM 203

Strategic Management


BAM 204

Cognitive Psychology


BAM 301

International Management


BAM 302

International Human Resource Management


BAM 303

Research Methods


BAM 304



During each semester students will be covering 2 modules. This means that in one year students will cover 4 modules of 15 ECTS each. The dissertation carries 20 ECTS.



Mode of Study

Evening classes


Students’ knowledge will be assessed through various assessment methods.

Study Material

All students will have access to EBSCO, the world’s largest online library, Moodle for class notes and Turnitin for the upload of assignments. 

Entry to the course

Applicants will normally be expected to hold school-leaving qualifications. However, applications are also welcome from those with non-standard entry qualifications and relevant work experience. Students are advised to forward their CV to GCM for us to evaluate the candidates’ eligibility for the course.

Fees and Funding

EU Students*:

  • Year 1: €4000
  • Year 2: €4000
  • Year 3: €4500

*This course is eligible for the Get Qualified Scheme. Students can get 70% of their tuition fees back upon successful completion of this course.

International Students: €5000 per year

Application Fee: €250

Registration Fee: €250

Administration Fee: €250 per year

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