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Bachelor of Arts in Management

Course Overview

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3 Years

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180 ECTS

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From €3,750/yr

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March, May and October

The course will use a mixture of formal and informal methods of teaching and learning.  Considerable input from students is planned through interactive lectures, case study analysis, group discussions and presentations.  Theoretical concepts will be delivered in a lecture format followed by smaller group seminars based on real-life case studies drawn from different business areas.  Such discussions and interactive sessions will encourage students to examine their own assumptions critically, self-learning and thought processes. Students will be guided to key texts, references and on-line sources of information. The focus is on student-centered learning throughout the course.

Global College Malta recognises the need to support this shift to student-centered learning via their learning and teaching strategies. There are four key strategies followed to support the shift to directed self-study learning: enhancing student learning, reshaping the learning environment, implementation of academic enhancement courses and developing staff towards this direction.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Develop understanding, knowledge and subject skills relating to the principles and practices of modern business management.
  • Develop subject interests by allowing access to a range of specialist modules in management.
  • Gain a firm foundation, through the course’s structure in Year One, to the crucial areas of accountancy and finance, economics and management.
  • Encourage intellectual curiosity that will contribute to the continuing professional development of an effective manager.
  • Produce graduates who are capable of operating in a multi-disciplined environment and in a variety of sectors and functions.
  • Communicate effectively (both orally and in writing) their ideas and recommendations.
  • Analyse, interpret and make decisions based on facts and information.
  • To interpret accounts and have a core grasp of management accounting.
  • Work in teams and groups effectively.
  • Problem-solving.
  • To have developed (by the end of the course) core management skills (marketing, HRM, strategy, statistics) which will be effective when the student enters the work environment.
  • To have developed effective research skills that can help the student when they enter the business world.

Career Prospects

Students who successfully complete the BA in Management would have acquired various transferrable skills that can be utilised in various sectors, be it in privately-owned companies or in the public sector. Students who fulfill their undergraduate degree in business and management can aspire to progress in employment in the areas of accountancy, advertising, investment and financial services, general management, management consultancy, public relations, sales, and retail management amongst others. 

Awarding Body

Global College Malta is licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) as a Higher Education institution. All courses provided by Global Malta are accredited and/or recognised and thus mapped to the MQF/EQF respectively.


3 Years

EQF/ MQF Level

6 – (European/ Malta Qualifications Framework)


To be awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Management, students are required to achieve 180 ECTS, successfully completing all the modules



Module Code

Module Title


BAM 101

Foundations of Management


BAM 102



BAM 103

Accountancy and Finance


BAM 104

Quantitative Methods and Research


BAM 201

Organisational Behaviour and HRM


BAM 202

Marketing Management


BAM 203

Strategic Management


BAM 204

Enterprise for Managers


BAM 301

International Management


BAM 302

Supply Chain Management


BAM 303

Research Methods


BAM 304




During each semester students will be covering 2 modules. This means that in one year students will cover 4 modules of 15ECTS each. The dissertation carries 20 ECTS.

Mode of Study

Evening Classes


Assessment on the course is designed to be an integral part of the learning process for students and to enhance and confirm their knowledge and practice.

Formative feedback will be provided to students through a combination of self-reflection, peer group and tutor feedback. Summative assessments will provide a measure of the extent to which students have achieved the learning outcomes of the modules.

Assessment within the modules will take various forms including coursework assignments, reports, presentations, examinations and the dissertation. Full details of the assessment procedures for each module are shown in the individual module specification.

Throughout the course, students, as part of their personal development, will be offered ample opportunities to improve their transferable skills. In addition, students will also develop their research skills.

All modules, with the exception of the Dissertation, will be assessed by a combination of summative/end-of-module written papers and formative/continuous assessment (up to 50%). Continuous assessment will be undertaken via a combination of teaching and learning approaches including:

  •   Case studies
  •   Project work
  •   Team/group exercises

Students will be provided with oral and written feedback on continuous assessment and, where applicable, strategies implemented to ensure that they are fully prepared for the end of the course assessments.

Study Material

All students will have access to EBSCO, the world’s largest online library, Moodle for class notes and Turnitin for the upload of assignments. 

Entry to the course

For further information get in touch with a representative of Global College Malta.

Fees and Funding

EU Students*:

  • Year 1: €3750
  • Year 2: €3750
  • Year 3: €4000

*This course is eligible for the Get Qualified Scheme. Students can get 70% of their tuition fees back upon successful completion of this course.

International Students: €4750 per year

Application Fee: €250

Registration Fee: €250

Administration Fee: €250 per year

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