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Executive MBA specialising in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Course Overview

19 Months

105 ECTS


Every 6 weeks

The Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialising in Logistics and Supply Chain Management course has been designed to attract people with a first degree from a wide range of academic disciplines.  The modules in the course will introduce students to the various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc. and they will the specialise in logistics and supply chain management.  It will run over three semesters. The MBA is the recognised management and leadership qualification, and those who are successful in this course will have the strategic knowledge, insight and understanding to become a successful manager and an inspiring leader.  The course is designed for those who want to change their career, boost their salary and career progression. The three-semester full-time MBA is designed to prepare graduates for leadership roles in logistics organisations.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Provide an intellectually challenging and vocationally relevant learning experience where participants can develop and demonstrate a critical knowledge and understanding of the theoretical concepts of business and management and their utility in improving business and management practice.
  • Provide participants with knowledge and the development of understanding in the functional areas of management, and their interaction with the contextual forces which impact on organisations.
  • Progress participants’ understanding and development towards a strategic view of management emphasising the complexity and dynamics of business and management.
  • Facilitate the development and demonstration of participants’ intellectual skills of information processing, analysis, synthesis, critical appraisal, creativity and innovation and the ability to manage and make decisions in situations of ambiguity and uncertainty.
  • deepen understanding and broaden awareness of cultural issues.
  • Produce managers who are able to improve the quality of management decision-making, leadership, ethics, and business practice across a range of organisations and in a variety of contexts.
  • provide knowledge, skills and to develop competencies in global purchasing and supply chain management.
  • To critically evaluate and formulate strategies for successful supply chain management which integrates and connects to the organisation’s wider strategy. Students will also be capable of evaluating and deciding upon various tools and methodologies for strategic procurement that enhances business competitiveness.
  • Review the major challenges and issues facing Supply Chain Management.
  • Explore how Supply Chain Management and Logistics integrates with other management functions.
  • Examine key objectives of Supply Chain Management and Logistics and methods for measuring its performance.
  • Formulates strategies for Supply Chain Management.
  • Examine strategic decisions for outsourcing, collaboration and postponement.
  • Develop strategies to manage supplier relationships.
  • Apply tools and methodologies for strategic procurement.
  • Involve suppliers in product/service development, value engineering and innovation.
  • Be aware of corporate social responsibility and trading ethically in a global environment.


Career Prospects

The Executive MBA specialising in Logistics and Supply Chain Management offers all the benefits of any other MBA that a student may decide to take up. However, students who opt to do this course are usually aspiring to take up more responsibility and a higher leadership role in companies that form part of the manufacturing industry. In fact, this course provides knowledge, skills and real-life business scenarios in finance, marketing, HR, logistics, supply chain and international business to name a few modules. Therefore, students who are working in the manufacturing industry or otherwise by want to professionally grow in this industry are encouraged to choose this course.

Awarding Body

Global College Malta

Global College Malta is a European accredited Higher Educational Institution. All courses awarded by Global College Malta are European accredited and are validated by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority – MFHEA Malta


19 Months

EQF/ MQF Level

7 – (European/ Malta Qualifications Framework)


105 ECTS


Module Code

Module Title


MBA 01



MBA 02



MBA 03

Accountancy and Finance


MBA 04

Quantitative Methods and Research


MBA 05

Strategic Management


MBA 06

Organisational Behaviour and HRM


MBA 07



MBA 08



MBA 09

Global Purchasing and Supply


MBA 10

Strategies for Supply Chain Management


MBA 11




 Important Note: Modules will be covered one at a time. Each module takes around 6 weeks to complete and upon successful completion, students are awarded 7.5ECTS per module. Students are required to submit a dissertation that carries 30 ECTS.


Mode Of Study

Modular, evening classes


Students’ knowledge will be assessed through various assessment methods.

Study Material

All students will have access to EBSCO, the world’s largest online library, Moodle for class notes and Turnitin for the upload of assignments. 

Entry to the course

Applicants will normally be expected to hold an undergraduate degree qualification and 2 years of relevant work experience. However, applications are also welcome from those with non-standard entry qualifications. Students are advised to forward their CV to GCM for us to evaluate the candidates’ eligibility for the course.

Fees and Funding

EU Students*: €8750

*This course is eligible for the Get Qualified Scheme. Students can get 70% of their tuition fees back upon the successful completion of this course.

International Students: €8750

Application Fee: €250

Registration Fee: €250

Administration Fee: €250

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