Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses accredited?

All courses offered by Global College Malta are accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education ( Ministry of Education and Employment Malta). For more information please check this website: https://ncfhe.gov.mt/en/register/Pages/register.aspx

How are courses at Global College Malta delivered?

All courses at Global College Malta are delivered in the evenings. These courses are especially delivered during timings that are suitable for many working professionals. Classes start at 17:30, normally taking place during weekdays however prospective students are encouraged to seek further information from our guidance officers since timetables vary according to course.

What are modular courses?
Modular courses are courses that are especially designed for people who have a hecitic lifestyle and might not be able to commit to a course that has a very rigid schedule. Students are able to “hop on and hop off” the course by completing one module at a time. Students will cover a module in 6 weeks ( 2 weeks of lecturing and 2 weeks of assessment). Once finished students can hop onto the next module or take a short break. Courses that are designed in this manner are the Executive MBA, Executive MBA specialising in logistics and supply chain management and the MSc in Strategy, leadership and change management.

How can I pay for my course?

Global College Malta offers a number of discounts each month hence prospective students are encouraged to get in touch to find our about current available discounts. Furthermore at Global College Malta students are offered the facility to pay their courses in monthly instalments ( interest free).

Finally students are able to also seek outside financial assistance such as the Get Qualified Scheme, the Endeavour Scheme and Student Bank Loans.

What is the Get Qualified Scheme?

This is a governmental tax rebate incentive. Students are encouraged to apply for the Get Qualified Scheme during their first year of tuition and they will be eligible to 70% of their tuition fees back upon successful completion of the programme. This incentive is valid for Maltese residents who work in Malta only. For more information check out the Malta Enterprise website here: http://www.maltaenterprise.com/support/get-qualified-2014-2020

How can I learn more about relocating to Malta?

Check out Welcome Center Malta for more information

What does Global College Malta offer that others may not?

Global College Malta offers a lot of assistance to students during their time studying with us. We offer students access to an online library that allows them to research and access millions of journals, books and other studying material that they might need. We also offer a number of additional sessions that will help students learn on how to write assignments, study for exams and attain other skills that they might need to successfully complete their course with us. Finally we have an open door culture, meaning that students can come and speak to us should they require additional attention or assistance.

Is there any help offered during my research project/ dissertation?

Global College Malta offers dissertation support to all students (10 hours of support). Lecturers strive to support and advise students during the last months of the course to ensure that the dissertations are of high academic quality.

Who are the lecturers?

Lecturers are industry professionals, very approachable and helpful, dedicated to delivering student centre lectures. The majority of our lecturers are local however the language of instruction adopted in English.
What is the language of instruction?
The language used during class is English since we cater for both local and foreign students.

What are the entry requirements for the courses at Global College Malta?

The entry requirements vary from one course to the other. We have both Bachelor’s and Masters courses hence the entry requirements will be different for each level and for each course. Students are invited to check out the entry requirements section for each course in this website. Furthermore Global College Malta appreciates the maturity and the professional achievement of its prospective students hence this is also taken into consderation when evaluating a new prosepct. Therefore prosepctive students who may lack the necessary academic qualifications are invited to speak to our guidance and admissions officers to see whether they are eligible for the course of their choice.

How to write a Reference?

The person who writes a reference for you should know you well enough to write about you. References from family, other relatives or friends are not accepted. If you are at school or college, or have only left recently, you should ask your head teacher, principal or an appropriate teacher or tutor to write this.

Guidance for Referees: We would appreciate if you could use your letter headed paper. Please give an assessment of the suitability of the applicant for the higher education programme they have applied for and where possible, including the following points:

  1. Existing achievement, with particular reference to subjects relating to the applicant’s chosen programme
  2. Academic potential, including predicted results or performance
  3. Motivation and commitment towards the chosen programme
  4. Any relevant skills achievement, whether certified or not
  5. Powers of analysis and independent thought
  6. Any additional factors which may have affected, or will affect in the future, their performance
  7. Information about any special needs and other requirements

What should I provide when I am asked to get a reference?

Undergraduate students must provide two academic references. Postgraduate students should also try to provide two academic references. If this is not possible (for example if you have been out of education for more than three years) you may provide two work-related references as an alternative.

References must:
– Be on the headed paper of the institution with an official stamp
– State the name of the company/institution to which the referee is affiliated as well as their position and relationship to the applicant
– Attest to the academic ability of the student and their general character and suitability for the programme

What other documentation should I provide together with my application form?
Kindly request a copy of the application form from th recruitment team – enquiries@gcmalta.com. A list of documents to be provided can be found there.

What does the application process involve? What should I do to apply?

– You must complete the application form in full and ensure that the application is clear and legible. You must also present a copy of either your passport (international students) or ID Card (Maltese residents/ locals).
– You must provide official documentary proof of the original copies of your degrees, diplomas and other qualifications. These must be presented upon enrollment at the start of the intake period.
You must complete the paper/online application form (this can be downloaded from our website) and send it to the Admissions Office of Global College Malta either directly, or through an authorized agent. Please ensure that all required sections are completed. The application form may be sent either by regular post, by courier, by email or delivered in person.

Please ensure that you have enclosed all the required documents (see checklist given in the application form) along with the application form itself. Incomplete applications will unnecessarily delay your application process. Full details of all requirements are set out in the form itself.

A decision on your application will be communicated to you as soon as possible. If you are accepted, an offer of a place of study will be made and you will be invited to accept this offer, otherwise you would be issued a rejection letter that would state the reason why your application was unsuccessful.

In some cases an offer may be conditional. Where this is the case you will be informed of any additional requirements before an unconditional offer can be made. In this case please liaise closely with the Admissions staff to ensure that all conditions can be lifted as quickly as possible.

Where do I find the application form to apply for a programme?

Prospective students can find the application form in this website by clicking on the Apply Now button at the bottom of each course information page.

Who should I contact if I had a question about a course that I would like to start?
Prospective students are encouraged to send an email to enquiries@gcmalta.com or else call on 0035621801252 and ask for assistance. However indicative dates can also be found on our website.