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International Students

Here at Global College Malta we are passionately committed to building a vibrant, equitable and truly inclusive learning environment in which staff and students from all over the world can come together and succeed.

Why choose Global College Malta as an International student?

Global College Malta offers internationally recognised and high-quality courses in Business and Management. Our courses are European accredited and validated by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority at a number of levels in the Malta Qualifications Framework allowing you to study at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Successful completion of our courses will provide you with lots of work and/or further study opportunities in Malta and abroad.

Here at Global College Malta we try to get to know each and every student by name, enabling us to provide you with a high quality and personal learning experience and student support. Students who study at the College experience an open door policy and are allocated a personal tutor who will assist you with your learning journey. This high level of personal support helps increase the success rate of our students. Since the College was established we have successfully graduated in excess of 300 students who have then gone on to make sustained and positive impact in their chosen areas of work. International students who successfully complete their course will be able to find work in Malta by taking advantage of the 6-month Government ‘stay back’ scheme. This Government scheme allows international students to work in Malta by finding employment related to the course completed at the College. In addition, working professionals who are employed on a full-time basis in Malta can benefit from the ‘Get Qualified’ Scheme which entitles students to a refund of 70% of their tuition fees in the form of a tax refund upon successful completion of the course.

Why Study in Malta?

English language is an official language in Malta, making it easier for international students to live and embed themselves in the local community. Moreover, Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean enjoying outstandingly beautiful scenery surrounded by the sea with a varied and rich countryside containing a large number of amazing historical sites. To find out more about Malta visit: https://www.maltauk.com/malta-2/?a=1

Malta is famous for its lovely climate and students can enjoy over 300 days per year of sunshine and good weather. Malta has an active and vibrant entertainment and leisure scene and students will never be at a loss for something to do! International students can enjoy a rich and varied history, an exciting range of outdoor sporting activities, rich culinary delights, historical traditions and culture, pop and classical concerts, festivals and many, many more activities that regularly attract thousands of international visitors to the Island.  Malta is a vibrant place to study!

Malta is a member state of the European Union and enjoys a strong economy and all the benefits of being part of a large European network and economy. College students frequently benefit from the opportunity of working on a part-time basis whilst studying on a full-time basis. Malta enjoys excellent health care services and is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. The transport system in Malta is also cheap and efficient and students can use this not only to come to the College as it is located only 2 minutes away from the nearest bus service but also to travel across the Island to experience its beauty, culture and activities.

As an international applicant to the College, you will be required to submit evidence of your previous academic qualifications and a copy of your latest curriculum vitae. Typically, the College’s International Admissions and Recruitment Department will get in contact with you to set up a short online interview.

How can I get a Student Visa?

Below is a general list of what students will need to be able to provide in order to attain a student visa. These requirements are subject to change from time to time and from one country to another as a result of Government policy. Intending students are accordingly advised to contact their nearest Maltese embassy or High Commission in their respective countries for the latest up to date information on how to obtain a Maltese student study visa.

Prospective students may also visit the Identity Malta site: https://www.identitymalta.com/unit/central-visa-unit/    


Students’ Check List for Student Visa Application

  1. Students’ Application Form
  2. Recent Passport sized photo
  3. Valid passport/ travel document
  4. Travel medical insurance
  5. Confirmed travel itinerary
  6. Proof of sufficient funds to undertake the chosen course and cover living expenses
  7. Original letter of acceptance from the College
  8. Further details of the course it is intended to study
  9. Proof of living accommodation
  10. Proof of payment of College fees
  11. Original educational certificates, apostilled
  12. Original photocopy of the current and previous passport
  13. If appropriate a ‘No objections’ certificate from the student’s parents or guardians