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Student Services

There are various student services that are offered at Global College Malta aimed at providing support to students throughout all stages of student life.

Academic Support Services

Global College Malta has set up an infrastructure that aims to support students’ academic well-being. The academic department appoints student support executives who are responsible of supporting students’ academic endeavors through constant communication and an open door culture to assist each individual student with their academic needs.

EBSCO Online Library

Students at Global College Malta are automatically given access to an online library which comprises of thousands of journals, articles and books which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This is a very convenient way of accessing information for our students who are usually working individuals with a busy lifestyle.


Global College Malta makes use of this online platform whereby lecturers can upload class notes, assignment titles and other academic material.


This online platform assists students during their assignment and dissertation preparation, providing them with feedback on the content of their work to avoid plagiarism.

Student Financial Support Plans

Financial Support plans are designed to cater for the budgetary needs of our students. Students can pay their tuition fees in installments over the duration of their course without incuring any interest, alleviating the financial burden that studying can bring about.

One to One Dissertation Support

Each student at Global College Malta is assigned a tutor at the end of their academic journey. During the preparation of their dissertation students will enjoy one-to-one support and advise from their tutors which helps in ensuring high-quality work in their final project.

Small Classroom Numbers

Each individual student is important to us. At Global College Malta we try to keep classes as small as possible to enhance classroom participation and interaction.

Ample Parking

Being situated in SmartCity Malta, Global College Malta students can enjoy ample parking spaces once they reach the college.

Access to Disability Support

The modern premises located in SmartCity Malta are equipped to cater for various abilities.