Personally, this course helped me understand how to make better decisions. Professionally I have progressed as well and as a result, my finances have also increased.

Sonia Farrugia
Sonia Farrugia
Senior Nursing Manager

The best thing about the course was that I had the opportunity to communicate with people coming from different backgrounds. The main thing that encouraged me most to take up a business management course was that most of the classes were in the evening and as an athlete, I found that very convenient, since I could also pursue my academic studies as well as my athletic career.

Peppijna Dalli
Marketing Executive and Graphic Designer

With the help of this degree, I started seeing business in a more holistic manner. I met a lot of people coming from different strata of life. Like this, you get to learn from different personalities and from each other’s experiences. The experience with Global College was a very positive one and they gave me an overview of all the courses that they offered. 

Marisa Busuttil
Procurement Manager II

The best things that the degree has given me are more self-confidence, more marketability, and a better understanding of the global economy. 

My advice to those who are still contemplating whether or not to sign up for a master’s degree – go for it. Because continuous personal development is a must in today’s world and once you sign up and finish the course you’re going to be grateful that you did.

Mario Zahra
Sales and Marketing Manager

The best thing that the degree gave me is an opportunity for growth. There was a time when I was feeling stuck in a career and thanks to the degree I managed to progress more both in my skills and in my knowledge.

Thankfully both the tutors and the administration were ready to help us wherever we felt stuck.

I think one of the lessons that I have learnt in this degree is that it’s never too late.

Jesmond Fenech
Sales Manager

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